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Crowns (Normal)

Diagram of two teeth with crowns at Roane Family Dental in West Linn, OR.For the best solutions for disfigured teeth, come to Roane Family Dental. Our team of dental professionals are well trained and experienced in tackling any oral health care concern, including restoring chipped or broken teeth. Crowns are a great solution for this and work by capping a damaged tooth or implant.

Besides chipped and broken teeth, crowns can also be used to salvage a severely decayed tooth, which cannot be restored sufficiently by a filling. A crown can also help keep a cracked tooth together. They can also be used to help keep bridges in place. They are also used cosmetically to cover up a badly discolored tooth that teeth whitening procedures have been unable to help.

Materials Used for Crowns

Porcelain and all-ceramic crowns are a popular choice for forward-facing teeth. Although not as strong as some other materials, their natural appearance is what makes them aesthetically suitable where teeth are most visible.

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and all-metal crowns are also very popular for their durability. They are good for use in the back of the mouth where chewing action is strongest. Metal crowns, however, come in highly distinct colors, making them a matter of personal preference. PFM can be difficult to notice, but sometimes develop a visible dark line under the porcelain cap. The porcelain cap can also sometimes break or crack.

Keep in mind that the choice of material is likely to be influenced by such factors as cost, the location of the tooth, and patient preference. If the patient suffers from bruxism (teeth grinding), this must also be factored in as some materials can be more damaging or be damaged by opposing teeth, causing further dental problems.

Pros and Cons of Crowns

As mentioned, some materials, like PFM can chip and may require a return visit to make repairs, or if too big, undergo replacement. Some metal alloys can also cause a small percentage of patients to suffer allergic reactions. This can typically be fixed by opting for ceramic options that do not cause reactions with soft tissue. The visibility of some choices such as all-metal and PFM can prove embarrassing to people, but can also be avoided by opting for porcelain or ceramic options.

On the upside, opting for a crown can be a great way to restore a full white smile. A misshapen or discolored tooth can be easily covered up with a crown. Most sensitivity after a crown is placed will go away quickly, or can be adjusted for a better fit during a return visit to our dentist.

Although the life of a crown can vary based on the material used and how you treat it, most can last several years before needing any repair or replacement, providing the patients with a good return on their investment. They also help to strengthen a tooth. By surrounding a large portion of an exposed tooth, or covering a back tooth, it makes what was damaged usable again without fear of pain. It can also help prevent further decay and make it easier to fill a gap by supporting bridges. Gaps can cause neighboring teeth to shift and affect appearance.

To find out more about what the crowning procedure entails and if it is the best restorative option for you, get in touch with our team. Call us, Roane Family Dental at (503) 657-1215 today.

I adore Dr. Roane and his staff.

"I have been a patient here for 10 years, since he started this practice. He has fixed my chipped front teeth twice, most recently this week. He is truly an artist and such a nice guy! My teeth look natural and healthy again. As always, the procedure was painless, quick, and professional. The office is clean, the front office is efficient, and everyone is friendly.

Dr. Roane even opened the clinic on New Year's Day a few years ago to treat my daughter's dry socket after she had her wisdom teeth pulled. I will always be grateful for that, and will remain a loyal patient here even though I moved to Tigard 2 years ago."
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To find out more about porcelain crowns and what the crowning procedure entails and if it is the best restorative option for you, call Roane Family Dental today.
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